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Good news

You currently have a chance to earn cash from your mortgage! If you are taking out a new gfcu mortgage, borrowing new money on an existing gfcu mortgage, or transferring your existing mortgage to our Credit Union - then you can qualify for some straight up cash back.

Current Mortgage Rates
1 Year Fixed 2.85%
3 Year Fixed 2.44%
5 Year Fixed 2.65%
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This promotion also applies to our PrimeLine Line of Credit. In any instance, cash back increments will only apply to new money borrowed.

All terms, except for 1 year open terms, can qualify for the cash back incentive, and the maximum cash back amount is $1000. This promotion will expire September 1, 2017*.


    Earn up to $1000 cash back from your mortgage

    Cash Back Tiers - Contact gfcu for full details

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    *gfcu holds the right to end this promotion at anytime.