Earn up to $1000 Cash Back on your Mortgage

Now through August 31, 2020, we are offering up to $1000 cash back for members that bring their mortgage to gfcu from another institution, members that get a new mortgage, or members that refinance their existing mortgage. The mortgage must be over $100,000 and on a fixed term. Those who are eligible can receive up to $1000 to cover fees such as legal and appraisal. Get started online right now by clicking below.

Current Mortgage Rates
1 Year Fixed Closed 3.20%
2 Year Fixed Closed 3.25%
3 Year Fixed Closed 3.27%
4 Year Fixed Closed 3.29%
5 Year Fixed Closed 2.97%
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    Keeping it Local

    Keeping your money local goes far and above supporting your local credit union. When you keep your money with us, you are supporting your local community. Because of our loyal and generous members, we have been infusing money within our community and its organizations for generations. Our community investment efforts include donations, grants, scholarships, and endowment funds that were built to fund our community indefinitely. Learn more about gfcu’s community investments >