Our Debit Card Makes Life Easier

With a MemberCard Debit Card, you have 24 hour access to your credit union accounts at literally tens of thousands of ATMs worldwide bearing the Exchange, Interac, Cirrus, and ACCULINK® symbols.  

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Ready for a MemberCard?

Apply for and instantly receive your MemberCard in our branch or contact our Call Centre staff to have one ordered over the phone.

Direct Payment Convenience

MemberCard Debit Card enables you to pay for purchases at merchant locations around the world by instantly debiting your account via the Interac Direct Payment System. Advantages include elimination of the need to carry cash, cheques or a lot of identification. Each transaction will appear on your monthly statement.

Member Cards Will work with point-of-sale purchases made at merchants in Canada and the US that accept Interac or ACCEL.

Member Cards will not work with:

  • the Maestro network
  • any point-of-sale purchases outside of Canada and the US

Know Your Limits

Personal daily limits apply to your MemberCard cash withdrawals or point-of-sale purchases. If you need your limit increased for a planned transaction, please contact our us at 250-442-5511. We can raise your limit temporarily.

Be sure to memorize your PIN (Personal Identification Number) and never leave it near or with your MemberCard.

What is CHIP & how will it help me?

A CHIP card has an embedded microcomputer and uses a PIN to authenticate the cardholder. Each card contains unique encryption and physical security that make it difficult and inefficient for fraudsters to duplicate.

CHIP cards have many benefits compared to magnetic stripe cards, including:

  • Greater protection against fraud and identity theft
  • Faster transaction time -- PIN is faster than signature
CHIP cards are being implemented at different rates around the world. When travelling, especially out of country, we always suggest you carry multiple payment methods/cards with you.

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.