How to Pay Bills

To pay your bills right now, please return to the online banking section by clicking here.

We can’t make paying bills fun, and we’re not sure that anyone can. What we can do however, is make it easy. With GFCU you will have a number of options available to you that will allow you to pay all your bills, on time, at any time, from anywhere including:

  • GFCU Mobile App
  • GFCU MemberDirect Online Banking
  • GFCU MemberLink Telephone Banking

Our GFCU Mobile App is a completely free, and completely secure way to pay almost any bill at any time. The process of “adding Payees” to online banking account is very simple to do, all you need to know is the associated account number and who you need to pay. All registered companies that accept bill payments online will have your account number right on the invoice.

This service is the exact same one that is offered through our online banking platform. Bill can paid just as simply right here through our website. Just login to your account and proceed. Log in here.

Members can also call our MemberLink Telephone banking system to pay bills at any time. The number for this service is 1-866-442-5510