Daily Banking

Daily Banking

There is no doubt that banking has come a long way in a fairly short time, and it's all in the name of convenience. We are continuously updating our technologies and processes both online and in branch, and we are doing this for one reason – to make it easy. We want the Credit Union to make sense to you for any financial need. We are local and we understand the unique situations Boundary residents encounter. Online or in person, feel free to reach out to us for anything. It is no secret that we are huge supporters of our community, but first and foremost, we are here to support our members.

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Ways to Bank

The goal here is simple: Increase your accessibility and make it easy. With GFCU you can manage your money anytime, anywhere.


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We know that everyone has different needs at different times, so we have built several variations of Chequing, Savings, Senior and Youth Accounts.


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Money Transfers

Sending money to friends and family is now easier, cheaper and safer than it has ever been.


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We have an option for everyone within our full suite of Visa cards. Earn points and build your credit!


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Online Banking

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is what you get from the world of online banking. Bill payments, e-transfers, and a whole lot more.


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GFCU Mobile App

This extension of our online banking system allows you to carry out almost any day-to-day banking task right from your smartphone.


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