RRSP Loans

Now available for both RRSP’s and TFSA’s

RRSP Contribution Deadline - March 1, 2017

One of the most convenient ways you can take full advantage of your annual RRSP contribution limit is to take out a Grand Forks Credit Union RRSP/TFSA loan.

Right now we are offering these loans as low as prime, which means that borrowing for your RRSP or TFSA can be a very smart move. In the case of an RRSP, your investment can both lower your tax bill and earn you a return if properly managed. Borrowing at prime means that a quality investment can more than cancel out any interest paid on this loan, and in a TFSA your investment earnings will grow tax free.

  • Rates as low as Prime*

  • Payback over 12 months

  • Optional 90 day payment deferral

  • Loans from $1000 and up**

* Loans at prime must carry selected creditor insurance
** Loans cannot exceed an individuals contribution limit for TFSA’s, and cannot exceed $26,010 for RRSP’s