Be Remarkable

It's your idea. Make it real.

Don't just think remarkable. Be remarkable.

We're giving great ideas the credit they deserve. For too long, loans have been approved on the strength of a person's credit history, instead of the quality of their ideas. For a new generation of creative thinkers, that's all about to change.

Meet the Remarkable Micro-Loan

Credit unions across British Columbia are launching a revolutionary new micro-loan program to help young people (ages 18-29) kick start their future. People like you. And we're not looking for the perfect credit score, either. Just a remarkable idea. Send us yours and you could be approved for a flexible, low interest micro-loan of up to $5000 to help get it off the ground. You'll also get the financial guidance you need to help repay the loan and build a solid credit history. How remarkable is that?

Whether you're looking to start a small business, launch a website or help your community go green -- if you've got an amazing idea, visit and tell us about it. If your idea gets approved, you'll be well on your way to making it real.