Growing Your Business

Borrowing Solutions

As a business owner, we realize that you are not always going to have available cash to support all of the operational and growth requirements of your business. GFCU’s borrowing solutions are competitively priced, and our financing terms can be tailored to meet the operational needs of your business. Whether you need an operating line of credit, term loan, letter of credit, commercial mortgage or small business loan, our team of Business Account Managers is here to help you find the right solution to achieve your goals. Because we care about you and your business, we can offer you Creditor Protection, for added security and peace of mind.

Creditor Protection

Small businesses can be harder hit when overcoming the death or disability of an owner or key employee, as they may not have the back-up personnel in place that a larger corporation might. So it may be wise to ask yourself: "Can my company survive without me?"

Protect your financial commitments with loan, mortgage, and line of credit life and disability insurance.

Credit insurance secures your business' ongoing financial viability. This insurance makes sense when your debt causes an increased risk of financial loss and when your business debts are higher than your existing insurance.

You may also want to consider insurance if you have business partners. Insurance allows you to have the ability to purchase the business shares from the estate of a deceased partner.

Operating Lines of Credit Expand/Collapse

By helping you manage your cash flow, and maintain balance between your expenses and business income, operating lines of credit are the ideal way to make sure your business always has convenient access to working capital. A line of credit not only helps with day-to-day cash management, but can also be used to finance purchases of new inventory, or to cover unexpected business expenses.

GFCU offers competitive interest rates and fees, and you only pay interest on the funds you use for the amount of time you use them. Funds can be easily accessed through your business account at your convenience.

Business Letters of Credit Expand/Collapse

If you need an assurance of repayment to a third party to allow you to build or expand your business, we can help. A letter of credit is a promise from GFCU, on your behalf, that funds are available and payment of a specified amount will be made to the beneficiary. Whether you are dealing with a local municipality who requires a guarantee for site services, or a supplier who needs a guarantee of payment before shipping a product, a letter of credit can help. This solution allows you to maintain cash flow and working capital by eliminating the need to make advance payments or deposits.

Business Term Loans Expand/Collapse

GFCU offers a range of term loans to help your business grow. Regardless of whether you are looking to purchase a business, or you are purchasing, installing, expanding or updating equipment and other long term fixed assets for an existing business, we will make sure the loan you choose works for your business plans. With flexible repayment options and competitive interest rates, our term loans are the ideal way to finance capital expenditures for your business. A GFCU Business Account Manager will work with you to develop a borrowing plan that meets the needs of your business.

Looking for financing to help generate revenue for your business? Ask us if you qualify for a term loan.