Our Board

We would like to congratulate our (now former) Director and Board Chair, Roly Russell, on his new role as MLA. As much as we hate to see him step down from our board, we very much look forward to seeing him serve this community on an even larger scale.

We are very pleased to announce that Terry Woodruff, our current vice chair, has stepped into the role of Chair.

We are also very pleased to announce that Alan Peterson has joined the gfcu Board of Directors

Our Board

The GFCU Board is put in place each year by means of an election held with our entire membership. All members are entitled to their vote every year. The GFCU Board of Directors consists of nine members and helps to provide direction on strategic objectives and policy and is also concerned with evaluating the performance and progress of our Credit Union and its appointed executives. They also hire and provide input to our Chief Executive Officer.


Members Working For Members

Being a board member of the Grand Forks Credit Union is no simple task. Everyone here has a strong passion for the Credit Union and principles that it stands for. We are first and foremost members of gfcu; members that want to see positive progression in the organization. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can submit any general inquires by emailing us at gfcuBoard@gfcu.com.
Director Box
Terry Woodruff  -  Chair  |  Serving Since 2016

Terry joined the board of directors in order to “pay it forward”. She spent 11 years in the building working through various roles with gfcu, and retired in 2011. Needless to say, further involvement in the success and longevity of this credit union is her motivation. Contact Terry >

Director Box
Michael Strukoff  |  Serving Since 1984

Michael is a truly local resident, who had a 38-year career as an educator and recently retired as the Superintendent of SD51. He brings an in-depth perspective on our community, as he holds first-hand experience with the ups and downs the region has encountered. Contact Michael >
Director Box
Bill Wilby  |  Serving Since 2014

Bill brings an entrepreneurial perspective to the board, with 35 years of self-employment in various areas of sales and technology. An advocate of progression and change, Bill is a longtime resident and member of gfcu, who understands what it takes to stay relevant and sustainable. Contact Bill >

Director Box
Steve Rezansoff  |  Serving Since 2015

Steve is a lifetime local resident of the Boundary, and joined the board of gfcu because of his longtime advocacy for all things local. His focus is on helping to maintain a relevant and financially sustainable credit union, one that has the means to help build its community. Contact Steve >

Director Box
Robert Kendel  |  Serving Since 2015

Bob spent most of his adult working life as his own boss. He has a strong small business outlook, and recently retired as an HVAC contractor here in Grand Forks. Bob has also served on council here in town, and holds a very well rounded perspective in many areas. Contact Robert >
Director Box
David Marshall  |  Serving Since 2016

Dave moved to the Boundary in 1977 as a partner in Border Country Realty. Since moving to the community, Dave has served on numerous boards and in numerous volunteer based organizations – He is a resident actively engaged with the community. Contact David >

Directors Box
Daniel Drexler  |  Serving Since 2015

Daniel graduated from GFSS in 2000, and brings a younger perspective to the board. He has served on various boards across the region, and has a strong background in IT and economic development. Contact Daniel >

Directors Box
David Turner  |  Serving Since 2015

Dave moved to the Boundary about a decade ago to enjoy his retirement, and wanted to bring his experience and skill set to the community. A shared value system and community first philosophy brought Dave to the gfcu board. Contact Dave >

Alan Peterson
Alan Peterson  |  Serving Since 2020

Alan spent his working career as a commercial lawyer in Victoria, where much of his practice was focused on credit unions. On retirement in 2012 Alan and his wife Lori relocated to Grand Forks, where he became actively involved in the community.  Contact Alan >