Living Wage Employer

Grand Forks Credit Union (GFCU) – The Boundary’s First Certified Living Wage Employer

After nearly 70 years of operation, GFCU has seen the Boundary region go through some tremendous transformations, and we have done our best to help residents seize opportunities and overcome challenges wherever possible. It is no secret that we donate and invest a substantial amount of earnings into community initiatives. Initiatives that we feel help better the quality of life in the Boundary. We believe these capabilities are greatly influenced by a competent, energized, healthy, and committed workforce.

This is why we are proud to become the first company in the Boundary region to be certified as a “Living Wage Employer”.

It is a well-studied fact that in recent decades people’s wages have simply not kept up with inflation and the cost of living. It’s become harder and harder for people to reach their financial goals, or even make ends meet. A ”Living Wage” employer not only provides comfort and security for their employees , but also ensures everyone an equal chance at participating in their community. We want to ensure our staff can take their kids swimming, take their partners out for a birthday dinner, catch a Bruins game, do some shopping downtown, or participate in the community however they see fit.

Today, becoming a “Living Wage” certified employer is something that makes GFCU stand out, but we truly feel that it shouldn’t. We hope that all business owners in Boundary, who have the opportunity, will sincerely consider becoming a “Living Wage” certified employer. This can give us all yet another reason to continue supporting our local shops and vendors. The big box outlets and franchises may be confined to their own rules, but the independent businesses, shop owners and workers … they‘re the ones who can make a change.

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