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Local Decisions

When you bank with gfcu, you bank with a truly local organization. One that knows its neighbors and understands the unique situations and opportunities that living in an area like this can create. Financial decisions here are not made by a computer, instead, they are made by local people. The more people we can help to reach their goals, the better off our entire community will be.



Community Investments

Since the creation of gfcu, our credit union has returned millions of dollars to this community. When you do your banking with gfcu, you are supplying grants to local organizations, donations to local foundations, scholarships to local students, loans to local business owners, mortgages to local homeowners, and you are maintaining the numerous quality local jobs we’ve been able to create. Our profits are used to benefit this community, not some distant entity, unknown shareholders, or an executive suite. The money stays here and is used to improve quality of life throughout the Boundary.

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